Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How to get beautiful skin naturally

Hi everyone. Let's begin with the very basic skin care practice for that beautiful and healthy skin. To be honest, having beautiful skin is not that difficult. It can be really simple and you do not even have to spend big bucks on products or facials. Here I will list 6 basic and simple things you can do to achieve that beautiful skin naturally.

1) Cleansing
You have probably heard this a zillion times but I just can't stress it enough. Cleanse that face! it should be a regular beauty mantra (that means a chant for you unknowing souls) for you to cleanse your face every morning and night. During the day, your face is blasted with pollution, sweat, oil and food bits that settle in the pores of your skin getting ready to cause huge breakouts! That's why you should cleanse at night. In fact, double cleanse at night and NEVER go to bed with your make up on unless you want the aging lines to appear faster. When you sleep, you are likely to rub your face with your hands (instant dirt), you sweat and there may be grimy bits on your pillow and these all need to come off in the morning. I hope this explains why you should cleanse your fave first thing in the morning.

2) Exfoliate 
Exfoliation is something of a beauty buzz word, but if you are not sure what it is, here is the deal; exfoliation is when you scrub your skin so the dead cells on top fall off and make way for new ones. What's so great about it? Dead cells that don't slough away by themselves tend to gather in clumps, blocking pores and causing breakouts, uneven skin and a dull complexion. There are many facial scrubs available in the market. Just get one that suits your skin type. Otherwise, you can use a warm wet face towel to gently scrub your skin.

3) Exercise
Run, swim, box, cycle, skate, jump, skip, catch, throw, surf, ski, grapevine, dance, climb, walk... no matter which one you choose, exercise is the CHAMPION BEAUTY FRIEND. If you do some exercise you really like at least 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes each time, your skin and body will love you forever. Exercise will help you build muscle, burn fat, maintain a healthy heart by getting rid of all the fat on the inside, give you energy, help you sleep better, help you think clearer, help you live longer, clear toxins from your body and generally make you a happier, healthier person all round! See the benefits of exercise that I have listed other than making your skin beautiful? Phew! So, now, you have really got no excuse. Get up and get moving. Oh yes, remember to choose a form of exercise you enjoy, so that it won't seem like such a chore!

4) Sun Protection
Please protect your skin from prolong sun exposure. Use a sunblock cream (at least SPF15 if you are working indoor and SPF30 if you are constantly exposed to the damaging fireball). Sun damages the skin, causing skin cancer, pre-mature aging, freckles, pigmentations and acne breakouts. There are arguments on sun exposure actually heals acne which I do not agree. I have tried but it got my acne worsen. Then again, it may work for some people. However, 10-15 minutes of sunlight exposure several times a week is necessary for overall good health. I would suggest exposing yourself to sunlight before 12 noon and not after that because the sun after 12 noon is most damaging.

5) Water 
Water cleanses the body system by removing toxins that will eventually result in clear healthy complexion. Drink at least 8 glasses of water (250ml per glass) each day to keep your skin hydrated and well-moisturized. I drink at least 2.5 liters of water each day to keep those pimples away. If you dislike drinking water, you can substitute with your favorite juice.

6) Sleep 
We can get away with the odd late night or two, but beauty sleep isn't called that for nothing! A good night's rest can do wonders for your complexion. Your cells regenerate during sleep. If you are not catching enough zeds, your skin will know and will show! You will get pimples and bags under your eyes because your body will use nutrients to keep you awake, rather than sending health-giving vitamins and minerals to your skin. To get the most from slumber time, aim for a regular bedtime and wake up time. Avoid dozing through the day (unless you really need a major power nap) and get at least 6 to 8 hours sleep a night. Sweet dreams equals good skin!


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