Saturday, January 9, 2010

120 color palette review

Hi all. My camera has been giving me problems, thus I was not able to update my blog for 2 days, but today, it is finally fixed! Yay! This will be my first cosmetic review and I want to review on the 120 palette.

I came across the 120 eye shadow palette several months ago through a forum and I paid RM70 (approximately USD21) for it. The price is inclusive of shipping. You can buy this palette from eBay (just google 120 palette) or you can buy directly from Beauties Factory. The size of each eyeshadow is like a dime size. I didn't swatch all the colors but I swatch a few from each side of the palette, so you get the idea =) The swatches are all without a base, so, it is quite pigmented as you can see.

I have been so excited to try this palette and these are my thoughts of the product: -

Love it ...
- it is a great bargain for make up addicts on a budget
- huge selection of colors to play with, it is great if you are just starting off with make up
- has 2 blacks, highlight colors, neutral, bright and vibrant shades
- offers both shimmery and matte colors, but majority are shimmery
- great pigmentation
- occupies less storage space
- good for traveling use, but make sure you don't check in because the eyeshadows are fragile and easily broken

Hate it ...
- not all colors are that pigmented, especially the purple and pink
- it made my eyes itchy and watery sometimes
- too powdery, they create fallout on cheeks during application and you need to pack on the colors again
- fades easily as it is not any high end brand, so you need a good eye base or primer for the shadows to last longer
- many repeat and similar colors, especially the purple, green, blue, yellow and orange
- it is easily broken! I have been very careful with my palette but the cover is broken after using it a couple of times. I love the variety of colors it provides but the packaging is so cheap =(
- the eyeshadows are very fragile and super soft. Hence, you need to be gentle when dipping your brush into it
- I don't really like the highlight colors on the palette

Overall ratings ...
Price: ★★★★
Product: ★★
Quality: ★★
Packaging: ★★

Would I buy again: Hehe, I guess not because it seems very long lasting!


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