Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hai Sun Fong Breast Enlargement Pump Review

Hey all. I am back real quick this time. As promise, I will be updating much more regularly since I have the time and energy. Today, I will be doing a review on a breast enlargement pump :o I have been wanting to write a review on this some time ago and finally I am doing it now =)

One and half years ago, I bumped into a seller on a forum who is selling this beauty device. It is actually called "Hai Sun Fong" Beauty Server. In order to encourage sales, she even posted censored pictures of her breast, before and after using this pump and the pictures tempted many gals like me to purchase because she went from an A cup to C! Her marketing skills were so convincing. Well, I am not going to mention who she is or post a link to her pictures because those pictures were already taken off.

Most gals are never satisfied with what they have and this is normal. For myself, I would never opt for surgery. Hence, I went ahead and got a unit inclusive of shipping for RM188 (approximately USD55) with 1 year warranty. Sounds like a good deal right?

From the pictures, the device comes with 2 sucking cups. The big one is suppose to cup the breast and the small one is meant to cup the nipples >.< It also comes with a charger, a CD and a mini leaflet for instructions. I was so excited when the vacuum pump arrived. Deh… :P

I used this breast pump once a day for an hour as instructed by the seller together with the Lelan Vital breast serum which claims to speed up the results and Lelan Vital breast firming cream to diffuse redness after that. So, you got to leave it on to do the boob sucking (lol!) for 30 minutes on each breast. On the second day, the device went dead! >.< Great… I am not sure if the manufacturer sucks or the device hated my boobs. Lol! Since it comes with a 1 year warranty, I contacted the seller, returned the damaged unit and she exchanged a new one.

Ok, here are my reviews about this breast enlargement pump!

Love it ...
- I noticed fuller and firmer breast within a week. I kept measuring my boobs for size increment. Haha!

Hate it…
- The pump is very noisy! You will hear a brrrrrx100 sound during the entire 1 hour boob sucking session. It is very irritating and embarrassing especially if there are people at home.
- You will suffer for the first week. Why? Because after each session, your breast will have lots of bruises and red marks like giant love bites! But it will go away in days.
- And yes, it is painful while you pump and after. The seller claimed that it is not painful at all. How can that be?!

And the conclusion after using it for 1.5 months is…

IT DOESN’T WORK! My boobs’ size went back to its original! I was so disappointed and contacted a few friends who also bought and tested this beauty device. Their results were same as mine. It simply doesn’t work. If you stop pumping after 3 days, it will shrink back to its original shape and size. So, it won’t give you permanent result. T.T In addition, using this type of breast enhancement pump may cause broken blood vessels. Not worth the risk...

The seller’s pictures were very deceiving. Why? Because the pictures of her enlarged boobs are taken right after she pumped her boobs and not after she has stopped using the pump for some time because I could see those obvious FRESH red bruises. And I saw modeled pictures of her recently selling other stuffs and her breast size are small, unlike what she has shown in her pictures right after she has pumped her breast.

So, my advice is DON’T waste your money unless you want to get an extra thing to collect dust in your room  =(


  1. hahaha.... ouch!

  2. That's unfortunate that it didn't work. There's a 1 year warranty, can you just return it?

  3. Hi there,

    I am interest in the hai sun fong enlargement unit, would appreciate it if you could share with me the seller's link :)

    Have a nice day :)

    My email addy :

  4. *~ JuLiAnnE ~* : No, I can't return it unless the device went faulty within that 1 year period. The warranty was not meant for refund :)

  5. I bought this product too but found that it couldn't really pump as there was no "M" cup given. There was only "S" (too small) and "L" (too big). When I contacted the seller, she gave me all sort of excuses. Lately, I tried using again, and the pump just couldn't work. The loud buzzing sound is there, but it doesn't pump anymore.

  6. is it really doesnt work permanently ?
    Because I plan to buy it but after I read your blog, I felt if it does not work, it will be a waste then ..give me some opinion..thanks:)

  7. i almost bought one today, but after reading this blog, im re~considering.



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